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Therapy for Therapists

It is sacred work we do as psychotherapists. Our work can be enlivening, healing, creative, inspiring, and full of learning. It can also take a unique toll on us as compassionate individuals working with clients/patients coping with stressful issues, couple/family dynamics, complicated mental health disorders; at the same time as we are cultivating work-life balance in our own lives, raising our own family, and/or building our own private practices. 

Being a psychotherapist comes with unique occupational strengths and hazards, including isolation as we serve our own communities. Working with a seasoned therapist, like Dr. Dungate, can help prevent burnout, identify blind spots (transference/countertransference), and gain insight and new skills as a therapist to do your best work.

Compassion fatigue and burnout are an all-too real concern in the work we do as mental health providers. Taking some time for ourselves to reflect, seek supervision and our own support, and connect confidentially with another therapist for therapy is essential for our self-care. So the saying goes "Healer heal thyself."

With over 30 years expertise as a psychotherapist, and as a professional who has also sought my own therapy and continual self-help and professional learning over the years, I offer specialized support for therapists. 

To remain well and vibrant in our love for this work, I believe it is an essential investment to ensure we are also seeking the support we need, at various times over our careers. This professional development is also now considered in many states to be a business expense.

Reach out today to discuss with me possible professional consultation support and/or therapy for yourself!